High Density Hair Transplant

The High density hair transplant at Anagen does not simply transplant a lot of hair. it is our 20 years of know-how that enables all the hair follicles transplanted tightly and abundantly to grow healthy for prolonged period of time.
What is the secret of Anagen’s high density hair transplant?
Immediately after the hair transplant, it looked very dense. However, why does it appear to be sparse after time? When planting trees, it must be executed with considerations for the roots as well. If they are planted too close to each other, the roots will not be able to expand sufficient and firmly settle themselves and those that are not able to absorb sufficient nutrients will eventually die. Mojelim’s high density hair transplant is a surgical procedure that enables all the transplanted hair follicles to grow healthy by receiving sufficient nutrients evenly with all the hair follicle establishing themselves properly rather than simply transplanting as many as possible.

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